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Thank you for your interest in becoming an official Chapter of the Private School Village (PSV). We are excited to expand our mission and realize the power of our growing community.


Please read the below carefully -- 

Official Chapters of PSV:

  • Are a part of a growing nationwide network of support between families, students and school communities.

  • Share a deep-rooted commitment to the mission and values of PSV.

  • Organize with a unique structure designed to uphold core principles including the flexibility to pilot programs and better serve the local community.

    •    Organize to build collective impact to achieve Black liberation around the world.
    •    Organize with a unique structure that includes shared principles.
    •    Are included on the BLMGN website.

All official Chapters affiliated with BLMGN are required to have the following:
    •    A legal entity (i.e. fiscal sponsorship, 501(c)(3)).
    •    Completion of the induction process.
    •    Conversations with current Chapters.
    •    A grace period.
Please complete the initial form below and a member from the Chapter Induction team will reach out to schedule an initial call.


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All Photos Below (all but the image of 5 girls): Michael Mayson

"If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."

- African Proverb


Our Mission

The Private School Village (PSV) builds community by organizing social events, sharing resources, and providing programs for Black/African-American families in independent schools (K-12).

Our Vision

We build local communities that provide support and empower Black/African-American students in private school so that they realize their maximum potential.

The origin of private schools in America is rooted in racism—these institutions were created to avoid integration after the Brown v. Board of Education ruling because White families did not want to send their children to school with minorities. Fast forward over 65 years and the lack of meaningful ethnic diversity in private schools prevails.


Low representation creates myriad issues that have life-long implications for the entire private school community, but particularly for Black students. Many Black students are often “the only one” in a class, feel as if they don’t belong in the community, and some deal with covert and overt racism. The experience can leave them feeling marginalized and can inhibit their sense of self, jeopardizing a successful future.


Through racial socialization and cultural education, and in partnership with private schools, the Private School Village (PSV) is working to change that—we hope to ensure students not only benefit from a strong academic experience at school, but also a healthy social and cultural education as well.

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Does anyone in your family identify as African-American/Black and have an affiliation with or attend a private or independent school? Is someone in your family Black/African-American and on the private/independent school "track?" Are you an ally to Black/African-American students and families? Then join us!

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