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Partners & Supporters

Thank you to the following 2023-2024 Village Principals. These schools support the mission of PSV by sponsoring our many programs and services at the highest of levels. Because of their generosity, PSV is able to resource wonderful families and students and increase racial socialization, racial literacy, representation and provide valuable research. They understand that it takes a village and we are grateful!
Please click through the school logo below to learn more about each Village Principal.
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Village Cheerleaders

Thank you to the following 2023-2024 Village Cheerleaders. These schools support PSV’s efforts to increase racial socialization, racial literacy, representation and work to provide valuable research. We are grateful for their ongoing support and partnership! 


Berkeley Hall School

The School of Los Angeles

Immaculate Heart

International School of Los Angeles

The Oaks

New Roads



Westerly School of Long Beach


See Who Supported PSV in Our Founding Years

We Have an Amazing, One-of-a-kind Community!

What It Means to Be a PSV-Sponsoring School:

PSV School Sponsors do more than just support our work. They demonstrate a strong and sustained commitment to advancing solutions that positively impact the unique experience of current and future Black and brown students in private schools. This looks like a healthy mix of the following:

Board Level Support | Are there required and regular Board-level DEIJ trainings especially as you onboard new Trustees? How are Black and brown Board members supported – do they know about the PSV Trustee Leadership Program? Is the Board aware of the current Black and brown parent/student experience (it’s imperative to be in community before the need requires engagement)? What is your schools plan to support, recruit and retain more Black and brown Board members?

Sustained Support of DEIJ Professionals in Our Schools | Is the DEIJ role appropriately positioned and resourced to positively impact all facets of school life – what would it take to do that? Are they regularly invited to Board meetings? Is there broad leadership support for their plans? How could your school ensure greater success simply by increasing different forms of support for the role? Do you annually assess your DEIJ policies and processes with a growth mindset?

Allocating Specific Support for Professional Development Centering Racial Equity & Inclusion | How can you require teachers use PD opportunities to benefit from regular racial and equity-focused offerings (e.g. Did you know that PSV partners with The Lion’s Story to provide partial support to attend racial literacy training)? How are related learnings shared, implemented, and evaluated at the school?

Supporting School Affinity Spaces | How can you support a school affinity space or organized opportunities for racially-focused discussions in age-appropriate ways? How can you foster community among adults of the same racial background? PSV is designed to prioritize the collective betterment of the entire community now and for generations to come but we don’t replace the need for school-based community building when possible. There’s no such thing as too much support given the deeply-rooted challenges we face.

Transparency & Evaluation Process for Disciplinary Actions | When was the last time you reviewed/audited your disciplinary policy? Do you have a clear policy for racial slurs? Who is implementing disciplinary measures and who works to monitor bias in that process? Do you regularly track and review disciplinary measures involving Black and brown students? 

Empower Parents | Are you maximizing PSV offerings by participating in and promoting PSV programming, identifying volunteers as Parent Ambassadors and High School Advisory Council members, and helping to build this amazing community of support? The benefits of PSV are best realized when there is consistent and real engagement.

Note: These "North Star" goals are an initial attempt to ensure we are creating and sustaining change and working together to address challenges in hopes of realizing the type of positive results that are possible. They are a reference list and something to use as a guide to work towards and build from. They are certainly not everything that needs addressing and it's important that each school consider and adapt against them, as appropriate.

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