PSV Jamboree Program

Racial Socialization

Racial socialization prepares children for anticipatory experiences, builds Black pride, and educates about racial inequalities. Through the PSV Jamboree Program, PSV provides opportunities for children to see more of themselves—children experiencing the same unique school dynamics, albeit perhaps at different schools—through myriad community activities and events. By providing opportunities to socialize or convene around a topic of interest (e.g., financial literacy, hair, the n-word, etc.), the PSV Jamboree Program helps parents know their children will be surrounded by a community of peers who understand their daily school experience. These activities and events are a vehicle to educate students about a range of things from learning about Black history and cultural traditions such as how to “double dutch” to ensuring they understand how best to handle themselves if pulled over by a cop. Below are a few events that fall into the Jamboree Program —


  • The PSV Book Club is a six-week program held in collaboration with Roots of Knowledge Empowerment Institute. Facilitated by a Black lead, independent school teacher and several co-teachers, twenty students read and discuss books. This past summer, the students read Kinda Like Brothers and Piecing Me Together. In big and small groups, they explore age-appropriate themes around identity, community, brotherhood, and more. 

  • The PSV NBA 2K Tournament is a series of virtual gaming tournaments designed to build socialization using a medium already adopted by middle/high school teens, and typically by boys. The tournament aims to use a popular social medium to establish relationships that transition into supportive and educational opportunities (e.g. segueing to conversations about mental health, career opportunities and more).

  • Black Hair Care & Beauty Symposium provides an affirming and educational opportunity for parents and their children to celebrate Black beauty standards. Panelists discuss the shared experiences and challenges of being in a school environment that often doesn’t understand cultural boundaries and/or the larger issues related to being different in a homogenous school community. Following a lively discussion, local hairstylists and beauty experts provide tutorials about care in a celebratory culmination of the day.

    • Special Event: Middle and High School girls read and discuss 16-year old author Olivia
      V.G. Clarke’s book, Black Girl, White School: Thriving, Surviving and No, You Can't Touch My Hair! This is another opportunity to build a stronger sense of self and cultural appreciation around a key aspect of identity.

  • Black History from a Decolonized Perspective is an 8-week, forty-minute virtual class for up to fifteen students offered on a revolving basis. Most Eurocentric curricula begin Black history with enslavement, completely leaving out the rich cultural history many Africans had in their own societies. By teaching students about history pre-slavery, we build a deeper respect and self-confidence in black children. 

  • PSV Brothers & Sisters Program (in development)—This program pairs older PSV students with younger PSV students to provide peer mentorship and modeling. The year-long program facilitates friendship, crafts and activities, and offers older students the chance to build leadership skills.

“PSV is an awesome and necessary opportunity for African-American students in private school to meet, engage, learn, and support each other. It is also a well-needed opportunity for these students’ parents to meet, support, and learn about how best to navigate private school life with their children, faculty, and staff. PSV supports people of color to learn about our culture, embrace our differences, and to build a sense of community for our growing children who are in schools that are not diverse,” reported a PSV parent through an anonymous survey in February 2019. 

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