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PSV Student Advisory Council

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Thank You to Our Inagural
Student Advisory Council Members (2022-2023)

Addison H. (Oakwood)

Alexis G. (Notre Dame)

Asia H. (Campbell Hall)

Ava L. (Marlborough)

Avery M. (Marlborough)

Cassidey F. (Marlborough)

Chris S. (Harvard-Westlake)

EJ V. (Crossroads)

Elicia L. (Brentwood)

Harmony J. (Dwight Global)

Helena H. (Marlborough)

Isabella S. (Harvard-Westlake)

Isaiah C. (Crossroads)

Johannes A. (St. John Bosco)

John M. (St. John Bosco)

Markus G. (Harvard-Westlake)

Maya H. (Brentwood)

Maya S. (Viewpoint)

Mia M. (Flintridge Prep)

Mikaela L. (Vistamar)

Milan R. (Marlborough)

Paige C. (Brentwood)

Perry R. (Crossroads)

Ryan G. (Viewpoint)

Samuel A. (Campbell Hall)

Selah J. (Archer)

Sophia H. (Campbell Hall)

Terrence T. (Vistamar)

The Selection Process

Becoming a part of the PSV High School Advisory Council is a great way to build relationships, create events and programs that interest you, hone leadership skills, earn community service hours, and more. While participation on The Council is a privilege, private school High School students not on The Council are encouraged to participate in High School Advisory Council events and programs open to students throughout the school year. 

We would love to accept all students who apply, but The Council is designed to be intimate enough that it forges new friendships and strengthens the connection to PSV parent leadership. In time, we hope to create committees that will allow for more seasonal engagement and allow for student engagement regardless of whether the student participates on The Council.

Nominees agree to the duties of the Council -- 
  1. Attend all Council meetings (approximately 6-8/year).

  2. Represent and engage in meaningful and helpful dialogue regarding students' views, perceptions and needs within the Black, private school, student community.

  3. Attend and support at least 3 PSV student-supported events. (1 self-care/wellness event, 1 community service event and 1 cultural educational event)

  4. Serve on a Council committee and fulfill your individual duties, as assigned.

  5. Share and promote PSV-related information with your constituents and peers at your school.

  6. Represent PSV with integrity and pride.


The following explains the timeline for selection for the 2023-2024 school year:

Nominations Open -- May 18

Nominations Close -- June 30

Selection Committee Submits Votes -- July 10

New Advisory Council Members Announced -- July  17

The selection committee is comprised of a group of PSV parent volunteer leadership and is based on responses provided on the nominee form with select areas holding more weight (e.g. participation in previous PSV events/program, nominated by school administrators/teachers, being in a PSV-sponsoring school, etc.). Members related to nominees may not vote in that cycle. Additional effort is made to have broad representation from different private schools -- ideally we would have two Council members per PSV-sponsoring school. 

For questions, please email

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Nominate Someone for 2023-2024

Know someone who would make a great PSV Student Advisory Council Member? Tell us why.

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