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PSV Student Advisory Council

Classmates in Library
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2022-2023 Student Advisory Council Members

Addison H. (Oakwood)

Alexis G. (Notre Dame)

Asia H. (Campbell Hall)

Ava L. (Marlborough)

Avery M. (Marlborough)

Cassidey F. (Marlborough)

Chris S. (Harvard-Westlake)

EJ V. (Crossroads)

Elicia L. (Brentwood)

Harmony J. (Dwight Global)

Helena H. (Marlborough)

Isabella S. (Harvard-Westlake)

Isaiah C. (Crossroads)

Johannes A. (St. John Bosco)

John M. (St. John Bosco)

Markus G. (Harvard-Westlake)

Maya H. (Brentwood)

Maya S. (Viewpoint)

Mia M. (Flintridge Prep)

Mikaela L. (Vistamar)

Milan R. (Marlborough)

Paige C. (Brentwood)

Perry R. (Crossroads)

Ryan G. (Viewpoint)

Samuel A. (Campbell Hall)

Selah J. (Archer)

Sophia H. (Campbell Hall)

Terrence T. (Vistamar)

A core tenet of PSV is the centering of students in all of our work, particularly around healthy racial socialization. PSV believes in engaging students to successfully equip and empower them to navigate and thrive through the school experience. 
The PSV Student Advisory Council (the Council) is a select group of high school students from various private schools. PSV understands how important it is to engage students as the experts and architects of their own school experience -- we want to empower them to be agents in creating their community!


Student co-chairs lead the group and with minimal PSV parent support, the group works together to increase opportunities for socialization, build community pride, and prepare students for anticipatory experiences when in predominantly white institutions in a way that protects and motivates them to work towards increased social justice.

The Council, which will meet primarily via virtual calls, is a great way to connect with other like-minded students across private schools. Additionally, where applicable, community service hours are accrued for volunteering time to plan and produce PSV events and activities as PSV is a registered 501(c)3 voluntary, nonprofit organization. 

For the 2023-2024 school year, high school students interested in serving on the PSV Student Advisory Council must be annually nominated by at least two current student Council members. In addition, a caregiver must complete a short permission form for students to participate.​​

Please join us in congratulating the inaugural PSV Student Advisory Council for the 2022-2023 school year.

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