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Help Us Cover Hard Costs

There are hard costs associated with hosting programs and events, and it also takes resources to grow infrastructure and operations. Please consider helping us cover the costs by donating below. You can set any donation amount but included underneath each image is the cost per student for the program without any administrative costs included. Please consider sponsoring students so that these offerings can remain low to no cost.

PSV tries to cover as much as possible for programs and events and we are committed to providing ways for students to participate with full to partial aid, if needed.


Your ongoing support makes a difference! 

Guest Speakers: $1500-$3000
Cost Per Student: $20
Annual Research: $200-$20,000
Cost/Student (15): $60
Cost/Student (20): $150
Cost/Student (15): $120
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Operational Costs: Any Amount
Special Events: Any Amount
Cost/Student (20): $375
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