We are a community of families who share the same unique experience, just at different private schools.

Private School Village (PSV) builds community by providing programming, organizing events, collaborating,

and sharing resources that support

Black families throughout the private school experience.


More About Our Goals & Vision


Upcoming Events

  • PSV: Black Hair-itage — A Celebration of Crowns!
  • Coming Soon: Black History From a Decolonized Perspective
  • Coming Soon: Black History From a Decolonized Perspective


"I love the PSV community. It is warm and welcoming. Me and my son get excited for events. I’ve been able to foster friendships with the other black parents at his school that would not have happened without PSV. The first events I attended was before my son started school and it really put my soul at ease to get the lowdown from other parents who were already attending and knew the culture of his school." (2/26/19)

"When people say “find your tribe” this feels like I have found it - Black people who value education as a vehicle to better the lives of their children."  (2/7/19)

"PSV is an opportunity for my son to feel free to be enveloped in his black identity. And his Caucasian parents love it... " (2/6/19)

"I Iove the communal feel of the PSV events. It’s reminiscent of good old fashioned family gatherings."


"Attending events have been fun and meaningful experiences for my entire family. There has been talk of building a community like this for years. We’re grateful to those of you that have put in the time and effort to develop this organization. "(2/6/19)

"PSV is an awesome and necessary opportunity for African American students in private school to meet, engage, learn and support each other. It is also a well needed opportunity for parents of these students to meet, support and learn about how best to navigate private school life with their children, faculty and staff. PSV supports people of color to learn about our cultures, embrace our differences, and to build a sense of community for our growing children who are in schools that are not diverse." (2/11/19)

"I knew we needed a community like this but I had no idea it would mean so much to us in such a short amount of time. " (2/6/19)

"I was able to meet a parent interested in going to the school my kids currently go to. I was able to advocate for her the next day with the admissions director. I’m not sure if her child will be accepted but the fact that we can care for each other this way positively influences that family, provides a supportive link to community and helps the admissions director look favorably in the applicant." (2/6/19)

"I do not live in a historically black neighborhood in Los Angeles, so interacting with people that share my culture is uncommon. Being able to socialize through PSV provides an opportunity for my family to be connected to a village reminiscent of the wonderful memories I have of my childhood surrounded by other black children." (2/6/19)

"Thank you for creating these awesome spaces and events where our children and community can join and support each other." (2/11/19)

"Alone, we can do so
little; together,
we can do so much." 
– Helen Keller.
Photo credit: Michael Mayson
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Does anyone in your family identify as African-American/Black and have an affiliation with or attend a private or independent school? Is someone in your family Black/African-American and on the private/independent school "track?" Are you an ally to Black/African-American students and families? Then join us!

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