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The PSV Board of Directors supports the work of the organization by providing mission-based leadership and guidance related to PSV’s bylaws, accountability practices, and governance policies. They provide high-level, strategic oversight and ensure:

  • Prudent use of all assets;

  • PSV’s activities and transactions are, first and foremost, advancing the mission;

  • Recognizing and disclosing conflicts of interest;

  • Making decisions that are in the best interest of PSV, not in the best interest of any one individual

  • Obeying applicable laws and regulations and that the nonprofit adheres to its stated mission.

Meet The Private School Village

Board of Directors

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Founder &

Executive Director,

Private School Village 

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Founder, The Greenwood Standard & Design Associate,
Everick Brown Design

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Deepa CCP Headshot_edited.jpg

Deepa Janha

PSV Board Chair &


CEO & Managing Principal,


DPI Advisors, LLC

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Pinkie Nolan


Chief Value Officer

Hoag Memorial Hospital

Head of Middle School Morristown - Beard School

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Cindy Virani

VP of Client Success,

Reel Health &

Chief of Staff, Beignet Box

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Meet Additional
PSV Leadership

PSV Deputy Director & Director of Advancement, Westside Neighborhood School

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PSV Director of Community Engagement & COO, Redrock Entertainment, a Live Nation Joint Venture


Director of Post-Secondary Partnerships

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Thank You To Our Parent Advisor Group

The PSV Parent Advisor Group (PAG) are the heart and soul of PSV as they work closely to conceptualize and implement activities and events. From coordinating to securing in-kind support and providing real-time feedback as opportunities and challenges arise, this group is the driving force behind the organization's ability to sustain and grow. 

Many of our Parent Advisors serve as co-chairs to PSV programs and events or serve in other important volunteer capacities. This group meets quarterly. 

Kelli Hill

Katrina Jefferson

Jasiri Jenkins

Anita Hutchinson-Martin

Aisha Powell

Deniece Roahrig

Yetunde Rubinstein

Rita Silva 

Danisha Abdul-Jabbaar

Amy Anastas

Rakhee Alston

Aviss Bell

Crystal Brown

Jhinezka Dancer

Iman Farrior

Tina Feliciano

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