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The Village Scholarship



The Village Scholarship (TVS) is a unique initiative supporting Black and Latinx/Hispanic families in California private schools. It aims to enhance representation and is renewable for students from low-income households. Unlike traditional private school financial aid, TVS takes a portable approach, awarding aid as an external organization directly to the school on behalf of the student. This offers flexibility and security if a student needs to change schools. The scholarship addresses the financial aid gap, crucial for families with limited resources seeking to enroll their children in private schools.  2024 will serve as a pilot year for the initiative. 


  • Applicants must identify as Black or Latinx/Hispanic

  • Applicants must be currently enrolled in or have secured admission to a participating private school.

  • Applicants must demonstrate financial need.

  • Applicants must be well versed in the PSV mission and if selected, commit to participating in PSV activities, programs and events.


  • For renewal families: Applications open January 16 and close February 5, 2024

  • For new applicant families: Applications open January 16 and close February 16, 2024




Recognizing the potential in each child and understanding the economic challenges many families face, PSV is proud to launch the "The Village Scholarship" (TVS). This scholarship has been designed with our ethos at heart, emphasizing our commitment to Black and brown families thriving in private school.

For Black and brown communities, private school is often not considered for a myriad of reasons, but the cost is an understandable barrier. On average, private elementary school tuition in California is $15,309 per year (2022-23), and the median annual tuition at California Independent schools, K-12, is $35,000.

But tuition is not the only cost -- there are additional fees associated with class trips, uniforms, school athletics and technology. As a result, the overall bill can be much higher than anticipated, even for those families who can afford private school. These extra expenses can raise the total average nationwide cost by at least 30%, according
to To address affordability, most private schools offer various forms of financial aid but
more and more California private schools, 60% of which are private elementary or elementary-middle schools, feel as if they don’t have enough financial aid to meet the demand, leaving wonderful families without support.


TVS was launched to help close this gap. TVS will be a critical tool for supporting and resourcing Black and brown families, and improving representation in California private schools. And TVS will do this while the PSV community at large fully wraps its arms around all community members to provide first-of-its-kind support to ensure students fully thrive. 

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