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Growing The Village

Growing Village

Want to Be a Part of Growing Our Village?
Could Your Community Benefit From PSV?

Do You Want Your Children to See More of
Themselves in the Private School Setting? 

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Thank you for your interest in helping to expand this important community of support — a village like none other to ensure our children fully thrive throughout the private school experience. 

We are excited about growing PSV because it means more resources and support for more families, stronger school communities in general, and healthier children! Helping to expand PSV means you would:

  • Immediately join a 3-year-old+ organization that’s found major success and has established nonprofit governance and operations, volunteer structures, school partnerships, and specific programs in place based on learnings gathered from “on-the-ground” intelligence and a proven track record 

  • Ensure lasting support for future generations (as opposed to something ending when students matriculate or passionate parents or administrators move on)

  • Contribute to the growing power of a collective, national parent voice rooted in a non-eurocentric experience

  • Benefit from legal/business resources, infrastructure, backend business practices

  • Benefit from and build programs that address the systems and processes that inflict harm on Black students in private schools 

  • Help diversify private and independent schools by strengthening retention and increasing awareness among prospective families about the private school experience through PSV programs and events

  • Become more literate about race-related challenges often experienced in the private school community and become more proactive in preparing students for these challenges so that they are better protected

  • Feel a greater sense of belonging in private schools because of the community of support, regular, positive cultural affirmation and being more educated about Black culture, history, and racially sensitive situations (which positively impacts identity development, self-esteem, mental health)

  • Ensure more Black students have a greater opportunity to thrive in the private school environment and beyond

  • Benefit from increased research related to the Black experience and the many opportunities that data provides for improvement, reflection, and replication.


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Read Founder and Executive Director Lisa Johnson’s

Position Paper —

How to Improve the Private School Experience for Black Students

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Read PSV’s 2019-2021 Review

Our Mission

Our Mission

The Private School Village (PSV) builds community by organizing social events, sharing resources, and providing programs for Black/African-American families in independent schools (K-12).

Our Vision

We build local communities that provide support and empower Black/African-American students in private school so that they realize their maximum potential.

"If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."

- African Proverb

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