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Terms & Policies

Last Updated: August, 28, 2023 and September 1, 2022 (prior to this, February 18, 2022)

Updates to This Policy

PSV has the right to make changes or additions to this policy at any time so please check it periodically for updates. If we make any changes to this policy that materially affect our practices with regard to the personal information we have previously collected from you, we will endeavor to notify you in advance of such change, by highlighting the change on the website or by sending an email to you at the email address that you have registered with us. Your continued participation in PSV after any changes or revisions to this Policy will indicate your agreement with the terms of the revised policy.

Children (up to 18 years old)

Our website, app, and social media pages are for general audiences. Parents and guardians assume all responsibility for children interacting with our website, app and/or social media pages.

Parents/Guardians of minors acknowledge that PSV will not be supervising, nor providing supervision, for unaccompanied minors before, during, or after a PSV event.  

Parents/Guardians acknowledge that PSV events often will take place in a public space, and as such, minors may encounter persons not associated with PSV during the event.  

Representing Private School Village/Decorum

As a participant, community member, or guest of Private School Village, you represent or are part of a growing and proud community rooted in tenants demonstrated by our forefathers – integrity, strength, perseverance, determination, grace, courage and compassion. As such, you should be mindful of how you handle yourself at all times and in all spaces but especially during a Private School Village or Private School Village-related event, program, activity, or even when just volunteering or having a discussion about the organization. As a part of the Private School Village community, in particular, you are expected to refrain from disruptive behavior, interference of a program, or any non-compliance with requests from staff or security at events, trespassing, soliciting, peddling, loitering, cyber bullying, soliciting others, and any other behavior deemed inappropriate at the discretion of Private School Village leadership.


Donor & Participant Privacy Policy

Private School Village is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization committed to the privacy of our donors and contributions are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. Donors should check with appropriate accounting professionals to determine specifics around deductions.


Private School Villages contracts with third-party vendors such as PayPal, Square, and Stripe to process donations. As such, by donating to Private School Village, donors agree to the terms, conditions, and policies of these third-party vendors including those related to security. PSV offers donors the opportunity to make online credit card gifts, as well as purchase tickets or merchandise through our website. Credit card information is not stored permanently, and is used only to process the transaction for which it is intended.


Private School Village maintains the highest level of privacy concerning our participants and donors giving. Shortly after a purchase or refund is processed, you will receive a confirmation via email from the third-party vendor on behalf of PSV. You are advised to print out and save a copy of the order confirmation for verification necessary to request refunds or resolve any disputes.


In particular, donations made on our website are managed through PayPal and Stripe and will read "PSVillage," "PSV," or "Private School Village" on your bank statement. Payment transaction details will be emailed to the donor from the vendor, and PSV will also forward a donor acknowledgement for donations of $200 or greater. If donors would like a donation acknowledgement for gifts under $200, they should email with that request.


Terms/Conditions Re: Payments

By submitting payment for programs, events and activities to Private School Village (PSV) or by making a donation to PSV, you authorize PSV to charge the account specified. Account information for recurring monthly pledges is encrypted and stored via PayPal or other third-party vendors for automatic processing of your future payments. By signing up for monthly pledges to Private School Village, you agree to the third-parties related terms, conditions, and policies and will not hold Private School Village responsible for any breach in security related to data. Notify us, or the vendor, at anytime if you wish to discontinue your recurring pledge.


Usage of Contact Information

PSV partners with third-party vendors to provide website and back-end online solutions and is not responsible for their user terms, conditions, and policies.


Please note that contact information is required in relation to contributions, but is not for public inspection. Donors’ and participant names may be published and promoted in Private School Village print or electronic versions of marketing materials, such as in our e-newsletter, year-end reviews, and annual report, unless directed otherwise in writing by the donor. Confirmation of receipt of the written request must be made by Private School Village in order for the request to be finalized. Private School Village does not sell, trade, or share a donor’s personal information with anyone else we are not partnering with programmatically, nor send donor mailings on behalf of unrelated organizations.


By signing up on our website and/or by RSVPing for a Private School Village event, program, or activity on our website, users agree to receive emails from us. They may unsubscribe at any time via the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of any Private School Village email or by emailing us at Private School Village must confirm receipt of the emailed written request in order for the request to be finalized.

Additionally, PSV reserves the right to send text messages as needed to communicate program/logistical information and in relation to having signed up via our website and mobile app. By agreeing to our terms and policies, you authorize PSV to send text messages to your mobile phone.

As a participant of Private School Village events, programs, and activities, particularly virtual events, programs, and activities, participants agree to maintain confidentiality regarding Zoom or meeting details, community information, participant details including name, address, phone, email, or other contact information of other participants. Furthermore, participants of PSV events, programs, and activities that select to share their contact information with other PSV participants should not receive uninvited solicitations from other PSV participants.


Information collected via our website will be used to process payments, facilitate communication, and/or update our database or to fulfill programs and service. The PSV website contains links to other sites, including third-party vendors contracted to provide programs and services. PSV and this site are not responsible for the privacy and data security practices or the content of such third-party vendors and websites.


If you are a graduate of a private school, and/or wish to view, update, or make any corrections to your personal information in our database, you may do so by contacting us at

Image/Likeness Usage

PSV understands that privacy around image and likeness is particularly important in our community. For that reason, discretion will always be a priority and every attempt will be made to get approvals and permissions prior to usage. However, if reasonable attempts are not successful, by RSVPing to attend a PSV event, activity or program, and/or signing up to receive our emails, you give your permission for Private School Village to use your minor child(ren)’s image, likeness, name, video and your image, likeness, name, video publicly to promote Private School Village and its associated events, activities and programs. You understand that these various images, in all formats, may be used in print publications, online publications, presentations, websites, and social media in perpetuity. You also understand that no royalty, fee or other compensation shall become payable to you by reason of such use. You also understand that if you do not want images, your likeness, name, or videos of you or your child(ren) used, you have to send a written request at any time to Private School Village to make the request and include the person(s) full name and attach a recent photo (so we can appropriately identify the person and remove images from our catalog before anything is produced). You also have to receive written confirmation of receipt of your request from Private School Village in order to ensure receipt and that every attempt is made to honor your request.

Social Media Usage

We encourage community building via social media on sites including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and YouTube. As such, when you connect with PSV pages via social media, we may repost your publicly posted images, news, and posts and we may tag you in programs, events, and activities. For information about how the respective social media sites disclose your information, including any information you make public, please consult that entities Data Use Policy. We have no control over how they use or disclose your personal information you have provided. We occasionally capture information via screenshot for future promotional use.

Social Media Guidelines 
These Guidelines were created to assist our employees and volunteers in effectively and responsibly navigating issues unique to social media.

These Guidelines apply to all employees and volunteers who participate in social media or other Internet activity. The Guidelines apply without regard to whether the conduct occurs during working or non-working time. Similarly, the Guidelines apply regardless of whether PSV equipment is used.  If, at any time, you are uncertain about how to apply these guidelines or have any question about your participation in social media, you should seek the guidance of the PSV Executive Director.

Social media is in a state of constant change and PSV recognizes that there will likely be events or issues that are not addressed in these Guidelines. Therefore, the responsibility falls to each individual to use good judgement and, when in doubt, to ask for clarification or authorization before engaging in any questionable conduct online.

The following Guidelines should be considered when posting or reviewing materials on-line: 

  1. Information becomes public the moment it is published on the Internet. PSV employees and volunteers should be mindful of the public nature of the Internet when engaging in conduct online. 

  2. Unless given written consent, you may not represent in any way that you are speaking on behalf of PSV; PSV has designated the Executive Director as spokesperson for all media statements to ensure consistent messaging.

  3. For all postings on social media be aware of anything that appears to include sensitive or confidential information (addresses, names, etc.).

  4. Remember, you are responsible for what you write or present on social media. You can be sued by other employees or any individual that views your social media posts as an invasion of privacy, obscene, defamatory, harassing, libelous, or creating a hostile work environment. 

  5. All policies that regulate off-duty social conduct apply to social media activity including, but not limited to, policies related to illegal harassment, code of conduct, nondiscrimination, and protecting confidential and/or proprietary information.  

  6. This policy is not intended to interfere with employees’ right to participate in concerted activity such as communicating with their coworkers regarding their wages, hours, or terms and conditions of employment, or to their right to self-organize or join labor organizations or any other rights protected under National Labor Relations Act. 

Whistleblower Policy
We require our directors, employees and volunteers to practice the highest levels of business and personal ethics when conducting their duties and responsibilities. This means that employees and other representatives of our organization must practice honesty and integrity in their job duties and comply with all applicable laws and regulations. The objectives of this Whistleblower Policy are to establish policies and procedures for:

  • The submission of concerns regarding questionable accounting or auditing matters by employees, directors, officers or any other interested party, on a confidential and anonymous basis.

  • The receipt, retention, and treatment of complaints received by our organization regarding accounting, internal controls, or auditing matters.

How to Report
An employee or other representative of our organization may choose to report a concern to a supervisor, a manager, the Executive Director, a board member or the Board Chair, as appropriate.

Handling of the Reported Concern
After a report is made it should be immediately conveyed to the Board Chair. The Board Chair shall immediately notify the Board and the Executive Director of any such report, but is not required to notify a specific board member or the Executive Director if the concern(s) directly involve(s) any of these individuals. The Board Chair will notify the sender and acknowledge receipt of the concern within ten business days, if possible. It will not be possible to acknowledge receipt of anonymously submitted concerns.
All reports will be promptly investigated by a Special Task Force appointed by the Board Chair, and appropriate corrective action will be taken, if warranted by the investigation. In addition, action taken must include a conclusion and/or follow-up with the complainant for complete closure of the concern. The investigation, corrective action, and conclusion shall be documented in a written summary and preserved indefinitely.
The Board of Directors has the authority to retain outside legal counsel, accountants, private investigators, or any other resource deemed necessary to conduct a full and complete investigation of the allegations. 
Reports of concerns and investigations pertaining thereto shall be kept confidential to the extent possible. However, the identities may have to be disclosed to conduct a thorough investigation, to comply with the law and to assure accused individuals their legal rights to defend. 
No Retaliation
This Whistleblower Policy is intended to encourage and enable directors, employees and volunteers to raise concerns within our organization for investigation and appropriate action. With this goal in mind, no director, employee or volunteer who, in good faith, reports a concern shall be subject to retaliation or adverse employment action.  Any person who so retaliates will be subject to disciplinary action, including termination. 
Likewise, an individual who reports a concern who is not acting in good faith, does not have reasonable grounds for believing the information disclosed indicates an improper accounting or auditing practice, or who makes unsubstantiated allegations that prove to have been made maliciously, recklessly, or with the foreknowledge that the allegations are false, may be subject to disciplinary action, including termination.


Website Data & Cookies

We may use cookies, web beacons, tags, scripts, and other automated devices to collect information, including personally identifiable information, about you when you visit our website and receive emails from us. Specifically, we may collect the following information about your use of our sites via these technologies: your browser type and operating system; web pages you view; webpage interaction, including cursor movement and links you click; your Internet Protocol (“IP”) address; your approximate geographic location; your interaction with the Sites; length of time you are logged in to our Sites; your unique ID which is given to each visitor and expiration of date of the ID and websites visited before or after our Sites. In some of our email messages, we use a “click-through URL” linked to content on the website. When consumers click one of these URLs, they pass through a separate web server before arriving at the destination page on our site. We track this click-through data to help us determine interest in particular topics and measure the effectiveness of our communications. If you prefer not to be tracked in this way, you should not click text or graphic links in the email messages. We also collect non-personal data (including, without limitation, of the type set forth above) from third parties such as public social media sites. The information we collect from third parties may be combined with the information we collect directly. This data allows us to improve our offers, to provide a mechanism to share content on social media, to tailor efforts and content that may be of interest to you (based on your previous behavior), etc.


Once you have given us consent to the use of cookies, we store a cookie on your computer or device to remember this for next time. Your consent will expire periodically. If you wish to withdraw your consent at any time, you will need to delete your cookies using your internet browser settings.

Assumption of Risk, Waiver of Liability, and Indemnification

When you participate in and/or attend a PSV activity, program, or event, or sign your minor child(ren) to do so, or bring guests to a PSV activity, program, or event, you agree to all of the terms and conditions set forth here and assume all risks arising out of participating in and/or attending the PSV function.


You specifically acknowledge that certain activities, events, and programs can involve greater risks on behalf of yourself, children, spouse, and guest(s) (known as “your party”). You acknowledge even if you, your spouse, child and/or guest(s) follows all directions and exercises with the utmost personal care there will remain irreducible inherent risks to participation in these activities and accept these risks on behalf of everyone in your party.


You acknowledge that the risks to anyone in your party include, but are not limited to, personal injury (including emotional/psychological harm), serious bodily harm (e.g. serious injury to bones, muscles, and other skeletal components, neck or spinal injury, and dehydration), permanent and temporary disability, complete or partial paralysis, viruses, disease, and even death. You acknowledge that anyone in your party may be exposed to unforeseen circumstances and occurrences, including but not limited to, accidents, weather conditions, crowds, the need to use third-party vehicles, and other unusual events and situations. Additional risks to anyone in your party include, but are not limited to, damage to or loss of personal property or other damage and loss. You agree that anyone in your party will also assume these risks and any other risks arising out of, or relating to, participation in PSV activities, events, and programs. Consequently, PSV, its employees, agents and volunteers will exercise judgment regarding the extent of direct and indirect supervision afforded the students on an age-appropriate basis. You accept the potential risks associated with this practice. This policy and assumption of risks will remain in effect at all times when anyone in your party is engaged in any PSV activity, event, and program.


You understand that PSV is not responsible for any potentially damaging, incorrect, or problematic content shared during events and activities by third-party speakers, vendors, partners, parents, consultants, etc.. All information and advice is given with good intent and the expectation is that parents and/or guardians will vet and confirm proper context, additional information, accuracy when/if needed. You assume all responsibility for information shared by and/or provided by PSV. Information provided by PSV is not meant to be legally sound and parents/guardians assume all responsibility for advising appropriately.


General Waiver of Liability

To the full extent permitted by law, you and your party voluntarily release and covenant not to sue PSV, its trustees, officers, directors, employees, agents, representatives, and volunteers ("the Released Parties") from any and all claims and liabilities that arise out of, or relate to, your party's participation in PSV activities, events, and programs. The terms thereof shall serve as a release and assumption of risk for your heirs, estate, executor, administrator, assignees, and for all members of your family and party. You understand, however, that through this Terms & Policies, you are not releasing the Released Parties from any injury anyone in your party suffers as a direct result of the Released Parties' intentional misconduct or gross negligence.


Indemnification Agreement

You agree to indemnify the Released Parties for any and all claims and liabilities that might be alleged against the Released Parties arising out of, or relating to, your child's and/or your party's reckless disregard or intentional misconduct associated with PSV activities, events, and programs.

You expressly agree that the Terms & Policies, assumption of risk and indemnity/hold harmless agreement is intended to be as broad and inclusive as is permitted by the law and that if any portion thereof is held invalid, it is agreed that the balance shall, notwithstanding, continue in full legal force and effect. The Terms & Policies supersedes and replaces all prior negotiations and agreements proposed or otherwise, written or oral, concerning the subject matter hereof. This is a fully integrated agreement. If any provisions of the Terms & Policies shall be held to be invalid or unenforceable for any reason, the remaining provisions shall continue to be valid and enforceable.


You have read this assumption of risk, waiver of liability, indemnity/hold harmless agreement, in anticipation of participating in PSV events, activities, and programs, and fully understand its terms, and understand that you give up substantial rights, including your right to sue. You acknowledge that you are agreeing to this freely and voluntarily, and intend by your participation at PSV activities, events, and programs to be a complete and unconditional release of all liability to the greatest extent allowed by law. This agreement will remain in effect for the duration of your party's participation in PSV or until a new agreement is executed.


California Consumer Privacy Act Rights

Click here to read the California Consumer Privacy Act ("CCPA”) details as of 2020. Additionally, under the updated CCPA, California residents have certain additional rights regarding their personally identifiable information — disclosure regarding the personal information we collect from you and the purposes for doing so, if desired. For your own privacy and security, at our discretion, please email us or contact us via our mailing address to request this information. We may require you to prove your identity before providing the requested information. It may take us some time to respond to your request, but we will do so within the requirements of the CCPA.

  • We do not sell your personal information as provided under the CCPA.

  • Right to request disclosure as to personal information PSV has collected about you: Upon a verifiable request to PSV, we will disclose to you the items listed below, one or more of which may be provided by reference to this Policy: The categories of personal information it has collected about the you. The categories of sources from which the personal information was collected. The business purpose behind collecting the personal information. The categories of third parties with whom PSV has shared the information. The specific pieces of personal information PSV has collected about you.

  • Right to request deletion: upon a verifiable request to PSV, we will delete personal information we have regarding you and direct our service providers to delete your personal information from their records, to the extent provided by the CCPA.

  • Right to be free from discrimination: PSV will not discriminate against you for exercising any of your rights under the CCPA.

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact us at

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