You've Got Questions...Here Are Some Answers

Can I join PSV even though my child is not in private school?

Yes! We welcome any Blacks/African-American families that are on the private school "track." A goal of PSV is to increase diversity in private schools and PSV members can provide first-hand feedback to applicant families in a unique way.

Is there a membership fee to join PSV?

There is no fee to join the Private School Village--if you fit the basic criteria, we just want you to join us, socialize, and pitch in whenever/if you can. We are a village and together we are building something special and important with a keen focus on doing what's best for the health and development of our children. We think that building a valuable community shouldn't require a fee or become any type of burden. That said, we would be silly not to hope that everyone will contribute in a meaningful way. We welcome all in-kind or monetary donations throughout the year.

Can I share an upcoming event with the other members of PSV?

Yes! Please send information about resources related to diversity and inclusion or private school admittance and we will try to post it on social media for the PSV community. To submit something, email and include a jpeg image that provides the event name, date, location, contact name and a little blurb about the event. Better yet, if you're on Facebook, please post it directly to the PSV public Facebook page (or private Facebook group) using your best discretion about what's being posted (e.g. posting information about activities and events for students versus soliciting for business; not posting too often, etc).

Can I invite someone to join PSV?

As long as they fit the basic criteria -- identifying as African-American/Black, having an affiliation with a local private school or are on the private school "track," and/or identifying as an active ally to these families. We hope that you will invite them!

Is there any criteria to joining PSV?

The only criteria we have is that someone in the family identify as African-American/Black, that someone in the family be affiliated with a local private school, and/or that someone identify as an active ally who wants to better support Black students and families in private/independent school. This includes multiracial families who are mixed with African-American/Black. This may also include Black/African-American families who are on the private school "track," hoping to join this unique school community.

What's so special about PSV?

PSV is the first nonprofit community of support created for Black families, by Black families, that focuses on the unique challenges associated with private school once admitted. In partnership with schools, PSV works to increase racial socialization, racial literacy, representation, and related research. At the core, we are building a village for one very simple reason--we lack a lot of racial diversity in our daily school experience which has tremendous short and long-term implications. Together, we are addressing an unmet need and unique challlenges that go unaddressed generation after generation.

Who do I contact if I have more questions?

Please email us at

Are PSV and Jack and Jill the same thing?

Both organizations strive to better support Black/African-American children through myriad programs and activities, however, Jack & Jill and PSV are not the same thing. Many families participate in both organizations for that very reason. Perhaps the biggest difference between the organizations is that PSV is a grassroots community comprised of those that identify as Black/African-American and have an affiliation with a private school or those that are on the private school “track.” PSV welcomes all caretakers, regardless of gender, and race/ethnicity, and there is no application process. Jack & Jill is a nationwide membership organization of mothers who were invited and selected to join (if they are not legacy). Chapters of Jack & Jill are limited in the number of members each chapter selects, and the children of members do not have to be in private school. Both organizations offer a great deal to the Black/African-American community.

Where does the money raised go?

100% of donations directly cover expenses related to PSV programs and operations. PSV does not currently have paid staff but is instead operated and managed by a team of dedicated volunteers.

Are families in Catholic School welcome to join PSV?

Yes! Private schools include nonsectarian schools and religious schools covering many denominations (the term parochial usually denotes Catholic schools but can also refer to schools of other religious faiths and denominations). These schools do not rely on government funding. They are supported by tuition, by grants from charitable organizations, and in the case of religious schools, by religious institutions.

Is it a conflict to participate in PSV and also be a part of any other organization?

It is not -- at least from PSV's perspective! PSV is highly collaborative, nonprofit organization and feels as if there is plenty of room for every organization, every mission, even entities with similar or related goals. To us, there is real strength in sharing efforts and we'd prefer to leverage that strength for the benefit of our community.

Is PSV located in my community?

Soon! Please check back shortly to learn more about growing the village!

I am a white parent with a bi-racial child or an adopted Black child, can I participate?

Yes! You are part of the village as the parent of a bi-racial or Black child! We hope you will participate, volunteer, and more as your experience impacts your child's experience and that is our shared focus.

How do I join PSV?

It's easy and free to join PSV! All you do is go to our website at and sign up to recieve the emails. From there, you will start getting the emails that notify you of events, programs, and activities and you pick and chose how and when to get involved! Or, simply RSVP to one of our events on our website and you will start receiving information about upcoming events. Remember, it takes a village and we each can play a role, however big or small, in the village. Together, if we each contribute something -- time, talent, resources, participation -- we will be stronger for it and our children will benefit the most.

Why does PSV only focus on Black students in private schools?

We recognize that the issues Black students face in private schools are not issues that are only experienced in private schools or issues that only Black students face. However, we are limited in resources and have to start somewhere. Additionally, our founder, Lisa Johnson, is a Black mother who is the product of an independent school education, and is currently a mother of small children in independent school where she also sits on the board. She is passionate about improving these schools and understands these schools more readily than others so it was a natural place for her to start. She felt it was important to focus on Black families in particular given the history of race in America and its connection to the private school enrollment boom and formation of many independent schools a few decades ago. She also personally experienced many of the challenges related to being Black in private school that are still experienced today that the organization is working to address.