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PreK-8th Grade Social Pods

Grade level social pods are parent led and grouped by grades. They meet at least 5 times a school year (if not more, depending on the planned activity). Clusters of pods enjoy activities to give children opportunities to connect while also building cultural pride and knowledge. Open to Black students in PSV-sponsoring private schools.

High School Advisory Council

The Council is a select group of high school students from various private schools who are empowered to be the experts and architects of their own school experiences. The group works together to increase opportunities for socialization, build community pride, and prepare students for anticipatory experiences when in predominantly white institutions. Open to Black students in PSV-sponsoring private schools.

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Special Events

From the Sneaker Soiree, Back-to-School Picnic, Parent2Parent Mix & MIngle, and the Black Hair-itage Celebration to adult social gatherings, mental health skill-building, and more, PSV creates important spaces that foster cultural pride, celebrate tradition, inform and empower stakeholders, and support a sense of belonging among the private school community. Many of these special events are open to all families in private schools (e.g. Sneaker Soiree, Back-to-School Picnic). 


Racial Literacy Skill Building Sessions

In partnership with credible organizations and experts, PSV provides opportunities for parents, students, and administrators to learn about racial literacy and build this powerful, life-long skill. Whether it's hearing from experts like Dr. Howard Stevenson or Dr. Jamila Lyiscott or a more practical training session series provided by The Lion's Story, PSV knows that racial literacy skills are essential to thriving in private schools. Open to Black students, families, and administrators in PSV-sponsoring private schools.



Trustee Leadership Program


This program is designed to help current Black Trustees feel better resourced and supported while establishing a pathway to board service for prospective candidates from the PSV community. Through a mix of focused trainings on best practices, governance, trends, and more, this program opens doors to board opportunities both within private schools and beyond while also resourcing and supporting current Trustees. Aspects to this program are open to Black & Latinx/Hispanic students, families, and administrators in PSV-sponsoring private schools.

Parent Ambassador Program

The PSV Parent Ambassador Program empowers parents to successfully partner and advocate for children, reinforces the pride and power of community building and support, and it highlights our shared belief in a strong family-school partnership which is optimal for student achievement. Open to Black students, families, and administrators in PSV-sponsoring private schools. There is a separate Parent Ambassador Program for Somos PSV. 

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Summer Camp Program

This program celebrates the memory of Summer Medford, a rising 10th-grader at Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences who lived life to the fullest. The program works to increase exposure to and representation in summer programs so that Black and brown students continue to "see" themselves during the summer months. In partnership with credible and established educational travel experts, PSV partners to create engaging educational experiences for families (launching in 2023-2024). Open to Black & Latinx/Hispanic students, families, and administrators in PSV-sponsoring private schools.

The Village Scholarship

The Village Scholarship (TVS) is a partial scholarship for outstanding Black and Latino/Hispanic elementary school private school students from low-income households. The Village Scholarship will provide direct financial assistance to Black and brown private school families making it the first Black and brown parent-led scholarship of this kind. (First recipients awarded during the 2023-2024 school year).




Climate Surveys

PSV is continually interested in learning more about the private school community and will continue to regularly gage needs, challenges, experiences and more through regular parent and student climate surveys. Open to Black & Latinx/Hispanic students, families, and administrators in PSV-sponsoring private schools.


Somos PSV

Somos PSV is a sub-community of support within Private School Village for Latinx/Hispanic private school families. In 2022, Latinx/Hispanic parents and administrators formed an advisory group to begin to bring the community together. Still in its early stages, Somos PSV hosts social gatherings and conversations centered around the needs of the community. Like PSV, Somos PSV started a parent ambassador program as its inaugural program.

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