PSV is a unique community of support, created for Black families by Black families. A highly collaborative organization, PSV brings together families and students from across private schools to share resources, centralize offerings, and truly build community. It is unlike any other organization. PSV works with:


Through regular socialization, cultural education, and events, PSV addresses the need to belong and feel supported, and in doing so, helps Black students have a greater chance to thrive. Feeling a sense of community in the school setting can positively impact self-esteem, contribute to a healthier outlook, and have lifelong implications.


PSV provides a community of support filled with shared experiences, helpful resources, and regular opportunities for education. PSV supports parents by discussing specific areas of need, such as dealing with teachers’ unconscious bias, advocating for children, the n-word, parenting tips, and more. PSV works to empower and encourage parents to be partners with their schools to best support students.

Private Schools

PSV works to introduce the private school experience to prospective families, enhance the experience of Blacks currently attending private schools and share resources and information that is in the interest of supporting the Black community. Through PSV, more satisfied and engaged families of color feel less marginalized and invisible in the private school setting. 

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“There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about." – Margaret J. Wheatley