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Time is TBD


PINZ Bowling

Postponed: Spades Tourney & Bowling

Join us for some casual fun at PINZ Bowling Alley for the entire family. Whether you're playing SPADES upstairs in the multi-purpose room or bowling on one of the PSV reserved lanes, we hope you (and your family) will join us for some good food & end-of-year fun! Scroll down for more information.

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Postponed: Spades Tourney & Bowling
Postponed: Spades Tourney & Bowling

Time & Location

Time is TBD

PINZ Bowling , 12655 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA 91604, USA

About The Event

Spades Tourney Rules:

  • Game play will being promptly at 6:30 pm. Anything after is just playing cards. 
  • Teams consist of two players (at least 6th grade and older) who will sit directly across from each other when playing.
  • Game goes to 350.
  • The highest card flipped over determines first dealer; The Dealer will deal all cards--13 to each player.
  • Dealer must offer the player to his/her right, the opportunity to cut the cards after they are shuffled and before they are dealt.
  • A misdeal can be called for one of the following reasons: 1) Player was not dealt exactly 13 cards 2) Player does not have any spades and does not have any face cards 
  • If a team fails to win at least 4 books on the first hand, they automatically lose the game.
  • After the first hand is played, the non-dealing team must bid first.
  • The minimum bid per team is 4.
  • “Gentleman’s Bid” – Total bids for both teams combined must equal 11 or more. A total bid of 10 or less will require all players to “throw in” their hands to start a new deal. No points are awarded for a “thrown in” hand.
  • “Blind”, “Nil” or “Nine” bids are not allowed (in the interest of time).
  • "Table Talk" or providing hints to a partner is strictly prohibited.
  • A player cannot lead with a spade until spades have been broken.
  • The highest card is the Big Joker, then the Little Joker, Deuce of Spades, Ace of Spades, etc.
  • Players must follow the suite of the led card, if they have a card of that suit.  If a player does not have a card of that suit, they can choose to throw a spade or another suit.
  • The deuce of diamonds and the deuce of hearts are to be removed from the deck before the game begins.
  • Once a card is played, it cannot be picked up. “A Card Laid is A Card Played.”
  • Scoring:

1 book = 10 pts​

Bidding and Winning 10 to 13 books = 200 pts

Not making the “O” (a bid of 10 books) = Minus 100 pts

Not reaching a team bid (set) = Minus (number of bidded books) x 10 pts

Reneging = Subtract 3 books from the total books won. If the number of books remaining is less than the number of books bidded, the team is set and must score accordingly.

“Bags” are not to be included in the scoring. This is a “No Overs” game.



  • Bowling

    Help cover the cost of bowling a game (while a 2-hour lane rental for 5 is $180, we are asking families to pay $15). We are reserving a set amount of lanes for PSV families to use and will rotate using them on a first come, first serve basis.

    Sale ended
  • Spades Tourney

    Help cover the cost of the room rental for this tournament.

    Sale ended



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